Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RebelBucks Referral System

Alright! Let's get down to business! The best part of RebelBucks! The Referral System!
Right of the bat, we have a tiered referral system! There are levels as well so there is room to improve as you get more and more referrals!
Here's the current referral system right now!

Referral Level       1st Tier %         2nd Tier %        Active Referrals Required
Bronze                    20%                  5%                    0
Silver                      25%                  5%                    50
Gold                       30%                 10%                  150
Platinum                 35%                  10%                  300

ActiveReferral Bonus! On top of the tiered referral system in place, RebelBucks also offers an active referral bonus. For every new active referral you gain you get a bonus of 10 cents.

-Little hint you heard here first! RebelBucks is willing to offer a custom sign up bonus for users who bring in more referrals than the rest!

On top of this, RebelBucks has also added some very important features for referring!
Generate Custom Referral Link option has also been added to RebelBucks! Now you can track where your referrals are coming from, a huge deal for referrers! It seems you can create multiple links as well so you can track multiple areas.

Here is the link ------------------> RebelBucks